Business Report: Tree House Child Care

Topics: Management, Child care, Strategic management Pages: 5 (1707 words) Published: July 2, 2008
Business Report: Tree House Child Care

This report was prepared to advise Lynda Kelly on how to manage her businesses Tree House Child Care Centres. This report explains defines Planning, Organising, Leading and Controlling (POLC) can be used to manage the business, outlines the ethical and social responsibilities of the business and analyses some of the future prospects of Tree House Child Care.

The main role of management is to coordinate the business functions(Operations, Employment Relations, Marketing and Accounting and finance). These main roles can be grouped into 4 main groups; Planning, Organising, Leading and Controlling. These are known as POLC. The business functions mainly focus on there own tasks but must always work together and POLC is what connects the business functions.

Planning is concerned with determining the goals of a business. Tree House should establish its goals so you know what you want to achieve. If your business knows where it wants to be, then it will make it simpler to plan the steps to get there. There are three keys to a business succeeding, these include: Establishing strategic goals

Establishing a number of strategies to achieve these goals
Establishing evaluation procedures and setting standards in order to measure if these goals have been achieved and investigating if the strategies did or did not work.

Planning occurs at three main levels, strategic, tactical and operational.

Strategic Planning is the development of a long term overall plan of action outlining the future direction of the business as a whole and showing the strategy that will be followed to achieve the set goals. In order to do this management needs to be able to predict developments that are external to the business that you will have little to no control over. This may include events such as rising inflation which may lead to decreased enrolments in your child care centres as some families may not be able to afford it or if there is to be a sudden rise in demand for child care centres do you have a ability to respond to this quickly.

Once the strategic planning is done, you will need to undertake some tactical planning. Tactical planning is the development of short term plans to focus on the smaller steps taken to achieve the strategic goals for the business as a whole. These plans will cover periods of a few months to a year. These plans may be used to benefit employee’s or the faculties available. One way of doing this could be conducting some market research so you can keep in touch with the target market by finding out what they want and updating your business to their liking.

Operational planning involves the plans of the day to day operations of the business. This type of planning is the actual execution of the tactical plan which is usually conducted by lower level manages such as supervisors. These plans usually only cover a time of a few weeks to several months. These plans for Tree House may include such things as the advertising of the business, the scheduling of staff and ordering of stock you may need (e.g. children’s toys, crayons etc).

Organising is the process of arranging the operations of a business. This will involve the managers deciding what tasks need to be performed and how these tasks will be performed. They will also decide who will carry out these tasks and will also be able to identify whether the business has the necessary resources to achieve its goals. Rostering is the process of arranging or rearranging staff in order to complete tasks within the organisation. In Tree House you will need to ensure that you have capable staff working and that you have the required staff. This means that you wouldn’t put two of your most highly trained staff on one day then have two of the less trained on another. Instead you would put one of each on one day. This will increase overall efficiency and also allow inexperienced staff to learn from others. Scheduling...

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