Policy Analysis for Cost Effectiveness of Policing

Topics: Police, Crime, Law enforcement Pages: 3 (901 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Introduction: Law enforcement agency is the hardest hit by the current economic downturn resulting devastating budget cut which is directly related to the public safety and quality of life. They must learn innovative ways to do “more with less,” use the resources in the most cost conscious ways, align itself to a more streamlined approach to deliver an effective, efficient and economical product to the community. My proposal for balancing the book by reducing 10% cost over the next two years is shown in the following table: |Budget |2012 (ml) |2013(ml) |2014 (ml) | |Salary & Benefits |332.9 |316.26 |300.45 | |Material & Equipment |39.2 |38.02 |34.89 | |Contractual Obligations |19.6 |19.6 |17.88 | |Utilities |3.9 |3.74 |3.52 | |Capacity Building |- |0.18 |0.28 | |Total |395.6 |377.8 |357.02 |

* Source: http://www.ottawacitizen.com - The public service has an attrition rate of about five per cent; three per cent is retirements, according to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty in 2012. In 2013, I propose to reduce the salary and benefit from 332.9ml to 316.26ml through attrition and hiring freeze (attrition rate ~5% *), whereas the budget for material & equipment will be reduced from 39.2 ml to 38.02ml and utilities will be reduced from 3.9ml to 3.74ml. Again, in 2013, contractual obligations would not be reduced to...
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