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Weapons Training is a piece of war poetry written by Bruce Dawe in 1970. It is a dramatic monologue, written from the perspective of a battle-hardened Air Force Drill Sergeant. Weapons Training has very little use of punctuation to emphasize the rate of which he is speaking. The lack of punctuation makes the persona seem as though they are ranting on. The purpose of the abuse is to get the recruits ready for the worst, which the persona knows, will happen. This harsh and insulting language used in the poem helps motivate the young recruits to face the harsh reality of the battlefield in war.

And when I say eyes right I want to hear
those eyeballs click and the gentle pitter-patter
of falling dandruff you there what's the matter
why are you looking at me are you a queer?
look to your front if you had one more brain
it'd be lonely what are you laughing at
you in the back row with the unsightly fat
between your elephant ears open that drain
you call a mind and listen remember first
the cockpit drill when you go down be sure
the old crown-jewels are safely tucked away what could be more distressing than to hold off with a burst
from your trusty weapon a mob of the little yellows
only to find back home because of your position
your chances of turning the key in the ignition
considerably reduced? allright now suppose
for the sake of argument you've got
a number-one blockage and a brand-new pack
of Charlies are coming at you you can smell their rotten
fish-sauce breath hot on the back
of your stupid neck allright now what
are you going to do about it? that's right grab and check
the magazine man it's not a woman's tit
worse luck or you'd be set too late you nit
they're on you and your tripes are round your neck
you've copped the bloody lot just like I said
and you know what you are? You're dead, dead, dead

Notes per line:

The poem starts in the middle of a sentence, giving the impression that we might have fallen asleep like one of...
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