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Herjane D. Pasuquin BSCE-II

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Engr. Pericles O. Mabida

When our teacher told us that we will be watching a video about political government in the Philippines, I thought that it would be about politics only. But as the videos are playing, I realize that it was more than politics. It is an eye-opener not only for the government officials but also to all Filipinos. They made a documentation to open the eyes of the candidates for the election. It was made to let the government know the current condition of the Philippines with regards to the concern of the Filipinos.

The video entitled “Edukasyon” was one of the documentaries presented by Jessica Soho. The film shows the problem on education in our country. Many students and teachers are having a hard time in studying and teaching because of the insufficient facilities in different public schools. This includes the lack of chairs, tables, classrooms, chalkboards, books, and many others. Most teachers also have not undergone a proper training.

Well, what they have documented is very true because I too came from a public school. And our school was also facing that kind of problem before. Though in my time, our school has improved a little bit. All of us had been given the privilege to have a book in different subjects one by one. We also have chairs to sit and tables to write on. Our chalkboard also is big enough, though some of it has a hole already.

But our neighboring school was facing almost the same fate as the schools in Masbate, as what the film documented. They have broken chalkboards, not enough classrooms, chairs, tables and books. Their teacher would go to our school to borrow a couple of books for them to use.

There were also some privilege schools in our place who was included in the feeding program of the government. Our elementary school was included. The selected students who were malnourished were being feed every afternoon by the teachers and some of the parents. And after the feeding program, there is another program which is the giving of rice, noodles, and canned goods for the students. Each students was given one kilo of rice, some noodles and canned goods. But the program did not last long.

The film helps me realize the great problem that our country is facing today with regards to the education for every Filipinos. And I am thankful that I was given the opportunity to have a better education. I also felt pity on the students who are having a hard time in getting the education that they wanted and at the same encouraged to pursue more on my studies to help those who are in need. Just like the students who were showed in the film, even though their fate in acquiring education is not as good as mine, but they still pursue their goals to finish their education to have a better future.

These problems in our education today can be solved by giving more funds for education to build enough classrooms, chairs, tables, chalkboards, and other facilities for the students, publish more books, and support the teachers for their training in order for them to enhance their skills in teaching and to help the students to be more productive in their studies.

“Health is wealth”. Indeed, health is the true wealth of our nation. But as I watched the film “kalusugan” reported by Arnold Clavio, I found out the reason why our country is at the bottom of the list when it comes to the richest country. Because even the citizens here in our own nation have suffered from malnutrition. And how can they call our country rich when they have not taken care of the citizen which is the inheritance of our country?

Just like the citizens on one of the place in Mindanao. Each children have a disease and are malnourished because there are no one who can monitor their health. It...
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