Penn Foster

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Paragraph 1
Through the years, I have had many experiences that make me the ideal candidate for the Customer Service Manager position. The one experience that stands out in my mind is the time I had to help with an extremely dissatisfied customer. I was working in a retail setting as a cashier in the customer service department. I remember this customer like it was yesterday. The customer came to me, it was apparent she was angry with an issue that the cashier could not remedy. My main focus was to calm the customer down; I did this by listening to the concerns of the customer. The customers issue was that she lost her receipt for an item and it was the wrong size. When she explained the situation of not having her receipt to the cashier, there was no help. By knowing the stores policy and procedures, I was able to help the customer, make her happy and got a customer for life. Knowing that I was excellent customer service skills, it only inspires me to use my abilities to the fullest. Thank you for considering me for the Customer Service Manager position.

Paragraph 2
I just wanted to let you know about a job opening at John’s Place. My boss, Fred, is looking for an individual to fill his Assistant position. Your daily duties would include, but are not limited to; answering phones, producing documents in Microsoft Office, and maintain an organized filing system. I know for a fact that your phone skills are excellent. As a sales clerk at the department store, you were always friendly and helpful with every phone customer. The other reason I think that you are ideal is the fact that you earned an A in all of your college computer courses that had an emphasis on Microsoft Office. Last but not least, your organizational skills are some of the best I’ve seen. When I would come out to visit during the summer, everything you owned was in a specific location, in a very organized manner. I really hope that you come and apply for the Assistant position. I...
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