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-Scope of practice is defined as limits of nursing practice set forth in state statutes. -Nurse must function within scope of practice or risk being accused of practicing medicine without a license. STANDARDS OF NURSING CARE

-Standards of care establish minimum criteria for competent, proficient delivery of nursing care. -Designed to protect public and used to judge quality of care provided. -Legal interpretation based on what a reasonably prudent nurse with similar education/experience would do in similar circumstances. -Clinical practice guidelines and critical pathways are comprehensive interdisciplinary care plans for a specific condition that describe the sequence and timing of interventions that should result in expected client or patient outcomes. -Purpose is to reduce variation in care mgmt, limit costs of care, and to eval effectiveness of care. CLIENT/PATIENT SAFETY

-JCAHO, nongovernmental agency audits operation of hospitals/hc facilities, IDs pt safety as impt responsibility of hc providers. -Pt safety goals are requirements for accreditation.
-Infants and children at higher risk for med errors
-Reasons: med calculations more complex, based on weight, misplaced decimals, required dilution, not FDA approved/researched in children, young children cannot communicate well if having a reaction. -Limited English proficiency – r/f med error for childbearing women/children. -Risk exists for errors in interpretation.

-Informed consent is a legal concept that protects a person’s right to autonomy and self determination by specifying that no action may be taken without that individual’s prior understanding and freely given consent. -Person responsible for treatment/procedure (usually Dr) should provide info necessary to obtain informed consent. -Nurse’s role is to witness client’s signature giving consent. -Nurse may serve as witness if parents give verbal consent over phone. -If nurse...
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