Nursing Management in Nutrition for Children While Hospitalized

Topics: Nutrition, Dietary Reference Intake, Food Pages: 3 (837 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Proper nutrition plays an important role in influencing health promotion to our patients since any deterrent to our diets can greatly affect our health and even the healing process for the hospitalized patients. Nutrition is the single most important influence on growth and especially for our pediatric clients this is an essential factor. Dietary factors regulate growth at all stages of development. Feeding in General:-

* Infants up to school age children have a large demand for calories as evidenced by the rapidly increasing height and weight * Protein and caloric requirements are higher than at almost any period of postnatal development * As growth rate slows down, especially with a decrease in metabolism; there is a reduction in caloric and protein requirements Feeding During Hospitalization:- (pg 650)

* Loss of appetite is a symptom common to most childhood illnesses (luckily acute illnesses are usually short so nutritional state is seldom compromised) * Refusing to eat may be one way for child to exert power and control NI : Don’t urge food on sick child that may precipitate Nausea and Vomiting( children usually can determine their need for food) * Young children loss of appetite may be related to depression due to separation from parents (and parents’ concern with eating only intensifies the situation) NI: Encourage parents to relax any pressure during acute illness * Children sometimes desire foods and liquids that contain nonnutritional calories NI: Some well-tolerated foods can be given even though they are not nutritious but will provide necessary fluid and calories such as: gelatin, carbonated drinks, ice pops, crackers etc * Dehydration is always a hazard when children have fever or anorexia accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea. NI: Fluids should not be forced and child should not be awaken to take fluids (same as urging child to take unwanted foods instead gentle persuasion with...
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