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Topics: Gregorian chant, Polyphony, Medieval music Pages: 6 (2009 words) Published: July 2, 2013
The liturgy refers to the set order of services and structure of each service True The text Alleluia, O virgamediatrix is from which portion of the Mass? The Proper The texts of the Mass service that are specific to a particular feast day are called the Ordinary. False Gregorian chant features regularly phrased melodic lines supported by instrumental accompaniment. F Early notation used neumes, little ascending and descending signs written above the words that suggested the shape of the melodic line. True The text of the Kyrie has a Greek text

The Kyrie is not a part of the Mass. false
Music performed with exchanges between a soloist and chorus is called responsorial singing The two main services for the Roman Catholic Church are the daily Offices and the Mass. True The medieval motet usually features multiple texts occurring simultaneously. True Hildegard’s chant Alleluia, O virgamediatrix was intended for performance on a feast day for the Virgin. True The text setting in Alleluia, O virgamediatrix is mostly syllabic. False Hildegard was known for all the following EXCEPT her historical writings about saints The chants of the church only used the major and minor scale patterns found in later music. False Which voice in the organum carries the original chant in sustained notes? The bottom voice The first type of polyphony was Gregorian chant. False

Which statement about the Notre Dame School is NOT true? Pérotin and Machaut are two of the main composers A unique feature of Hildegard’s chant is her occasional use of an upward leap of a fifth, lending an expansive feel to the music. True The medieval motet can have a combination of sacred and secular texts. True Most surviving examples of Gregorian chant are anonymous. True

Which best describes the text setting on the opening word ‘Alleluia’ in Hildegard’s Alleluia, o virgamediatrix? Melismatic The alternating between soloist and chorus heard in the Alleluia is best described as responsorial singing Which term best describes the rhythm of the Alleluia? Free or nonmetric The melodic range in this excerpt is considered in a wider range. In the third section this piece returns to the original melodic material, making the work an example of what kind of form? Ternary Which term best describes the texture heard in the Alleluia? Monophonic Which term best describes the texture of this oraganum? Polyphonic The style of singing the text in each vocal part of the Gaude Maria virgo is: melismatic

Liturgy| The set order of religious services and the structure of each service, within a particular denomination (e.g., Roman Catholic).Page 75| Gregorian chant/plainchant/plainsong| Monophonic melody with a freely flowing, unmeasured vocal line; liturgical chant of the Roman Catholic Church. Also plainchant or plainsong.Page 75| Syllabic| Melodic style with one note to each syllable of text.Page 76| | | | | | Neumatic| Melodic style with two to four notes set to each syllable.Page 76| | | | | Melismatic| Melodic style characterized by many notes sung to a single text syllable.Page 76| | | | Neumes| Early musical notation signs; square notes on a four-line staff.Page 76| | | | | Mode| Scale or sequence of notes used as the basis for a composition; major and minor are modes.Page 76| | Modal| Characterizes music that is based on modes other than major and minor, especially the early church modes.Page 76| Divine Offices (Offices)| Cycle of daily services of the Roman Catholic Church, distinct from the Mass.Page 76| | | Mass| Central service of the Roman Catholic Church.Page 76| | | | | | Proper| Sections of the Roman Catholic Mass that vary from day to day throughout the church year according to the particular liturgical occasion, as distinct from the Ordinary, in which they remain the same.Page 77| Ordinary| Sections of the Roman Catholic Mass that remain the same from day to day throughout the church year, as...
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