Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Promotion Pages: 5 (1008 words) Published: April 19, 2012
3) A demographic (2 words) (SOCIALCLASS)
4) Goods or services produced by a business (PRODUCT)
5) External Negatives (THREATS)
8) An original P (PROMOTION)
10) Buyer (CUSTOMER)
11) Marketing promotion that relies on word-of-mouth or
Online networks to spread the message (VIRAL)
17) When everyone in a market has one (SATURATION)
20) Individuals (PEOPLE)
24) Marketing using good causes (3 words)
26) A demographic - Schooling (EDUCATION)
27) External Positives (OPPORTUNITIES)
29) Any recognizable name, logo or symbol that
identifies a product (BRAND)
33) Way to enter an international market (FRANCHISING)
35) Price starts high - goes low (SKIMMING)
41) Research designed to provide information about opinions, attitudes and behaviours (QUALITATIVE)
42) Way to enter an international market (2 words)
43) A demographic - M/F (SEX)
46) 7th P (2 words) (PHYSICALEVIDENCE)
48) Demographic - How old are you? (AGE)
49) A demographic - What do you do for a living?
51) Distribution __________. How a business gets
its products to the end (CHANNEL)
52) Surveying a small group of a population to gain
research insights (SAMPLING)
54) Paid-for communication, aimed at informing or persuading (ADVERTISING)
55) The part of the marketing mix that focuses on where a firm’s products are sold (PLACE)
57) Product getting bigger (GROWTH)
Down (No spaces)
1) Product or brand with a high share of a mature or declining market - Moo (2 words) (CASHCOW)
2) Way to enter an international market (2 words) (DIRECTEXPORTING) 6) 6th P - The way of doing something (PROCESS)
7) A demographic - Making money (INCOME)
12) When a product says "Nice to meet you" (INTRODUCTION)
13) A brand that is owned and promoted by retailers rather than manufacturers (2 words) (OWNLABEL)
14) Internal Positives (STRENGTHS)
16) Product creation (DEVELOPMENT)
19) Internal Negatives (WEAKNESSES)
21) Cost (PRICE)
22) Product _____. Getting customers to buy a product for the first time (TRIAL)
23) User (CONSUMER)
25) Way to enter an international market (2 words) (DIRECTINVESTMENT) 28) Artificially creating a shortened product life span (2 words) (PLANNEDOBSOLESCENCE)
30) _______ pricing. Setting a low price to gain a higher share of a market (PENETRATION)
31) A trading partnership based on a better price, equity and sustainability (FAIRTRADE)
32) Way to enter an international market (LICENSING)
36) When the product gets to a 'certain age' (MATURITY)
37) Way to enter an international market (2 words) (JOINTVENTURES) 38) A demographic (RELIGION)
44) The marketing combination of product, price, promotion and place (MIX) 47) Product going down hill (DECLINE)
53) The group of consumers or customers aimed at by a business (2 words) (TARGETMARKET)

Political (political stability in the USA and Germany)
Regulatory (American Marketing Association’s Code of Ethics) Economic (US economic instability, easy media penetration in the USA) Social (see the “cultural perspective” section)
Technological (USA and Germany: high technological expertise, telecommunication has a fundamental role in society, fast technological development) Competitive(other European and German regions offering similar themes as the ones in Frankfurt Rhine-Main, impression of Frankfurt as solely a financial and business center) Organizational (see SWOT analysis in Appendix B, TourComm’s expertise in marketing communications, TourComm’s location near Frankfurt Rhine-Main, TourComm’s knowledge of the English language)

PEST--Political factors are how and to what degree a government intervenes in the economy. Specifically,...
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