Topics: Management accounting, Management, Financial statements Pages: 13 (2617 words) Published: June 28, 2013
Instructors’ Manual

Gerald M. Myers
Pacific Lutheran University



Atkinson Kaplan Young



| |Management Accounting, Fourth Edition by Atkinson, Kaplan and Young continues the tradition of | | |integrating new approaches to the study of management accounting. Over the last quarter century,| | |the field of management accounting has undergone significant changes. Management accountants are| | |now seen as team players in decision making and corporate management, rather than as bean | | |counters confined to back offices. Each of the authors has had extensive experience in the | | |field, and the expertise of the team covers all of the branches of the discipline. In this | | |fourth edition, the text has been updated to reflect current practice. We hope that both you and| | |your students benefit from using this book and we welcome any suggestions you may have for | | |future editions. | |Using this manual |Each chapter in the Instructors’ Manual begins with a restatement of the learning objectives | | |from the chapter. A chapter overview summarizes the essential content of the chapter. For most | | |chapters, I have provided a series of “teaching tips.” Some of these identify concepts which | | |students traditionally find especially difficult. Other teaching tips offer suggestions for | | |coverage of particular topics within the chapter. I have also identified cases relevant to each | | |chapter. The lists of cases are not exhaustive. Depending on course focus, level, and instructor| | |experience, there are a large number of possible cases to use with a given chapter. Instructors | | |are encouraged to go beyond the suggested cases and use the online resources of the Harvard | | |Business School, The Richard Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario, and the | | |European Case Clearing House to develop a sense of the breadth of material available. | | |A chapter outline provides the basis for class discussion or lecture notes, depending on an | | |instructor’s preferences. The outlines are organized by learning objectives for the chapter. | | |Each chapter concludes with a multiple-choice quiz, which can be printed for class use. | | |Solutions to the quizzes are provided on a separate page. | | |I would like to extend my thanks to Katie Rogers, Editorial Assistant at Prentice Hall, and to | | |Jeanne Molenaar, who did the copy editing on this manual. Katie’s quick responses to my | | |questions and Jeanne’s sharp eye for my typographical errors are much appreciated. | | | | | |Gerald M. Myers | | |Renton, Washington...
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