UNIT 8 Manifest Destiny

Topics: United States, Native Americans in the United States, James K. Polk Pages: 4 (578 words) Published: December 7, 2014
UNIT 6 - Territorial Expansion and the Opening of the West 1815 - 1900

Readings and Learning Targets

Read and annotate the following sections of chapters listed with each learning target below. Use the information in the text to write a brief answer to each learning target.

Target 1 – Trace the actions taken by the government to secure the nations borders and avoid international conflicts through diplomacy during the antebellum era.

Read Chapter 10 – Pages 310-313, 319 – 321 Chapter 14 page 426

Complete the following map by indicating in each box the (1)name of the treaty, (2)the country and (3)the year each agreement was reached.

Target 2 – Explain the provisions of and the reasons for the issuing of the Monroe Doctrine.

Read Chapter 10 – Pages 319-321

The Monroe Doctrine Explained :

Target 3 – Discuss the role that the concept of Manifest Destiny had in shaping our country’s history during the antebellum period.

Read - Chapter 14 - Pages 427 – 437

Positive Impact of Manifest Destiny
Negative Impact of Manifest Destiny

Target 4 – Analyze the factors that led to Texas becoming independent from Mexico and how and why the Texas issue became so controversial in the United States.

Read Chapter 14 – Pages 437 - 446, 450 - 451

Ten Issues Concerning Texas - Give a brief explanation of each of the following issues surrounding the Texas situation.

Issue 1 - Why did Mexico promote American immigration to Texas in the 1820’s ?

Issue 2 – Why would Americans want to move to Mexico in the 1820’s in the first place?

Issue 3 – Why did the Mexican government ban immigration and slavery in Mexico in 1830?

Issue 4 – Why was Santa Anna so hated by the Texans?

Issue 5 – Why was the Battle of the Alamo so important to the Texans?

Issue 6 – Why did Jackson decide not to annex Texas?

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