Multiple Choice Test Sample Questions

Topics: Marketing, Peer-to-peer, Motivation Pages: 5 (817 words) Published: December 18, 2012
1. The Definition of utility in a marketing or economics context is perhaps best described as: a. Reward value
b. Use value
c. Electricity
d. Cheap advertising
e. None of the above

2. What is meant by the term “early adopter”?
a. Someone taken into care at an early age
b. Someone who gets to the sales early
c. Someone who buys new products & technologies when they first come out d. Someone who quickly learns how to put together self assembly equipment e. Someone who makes a lot of use of social, interactive media

3. Which of the following is a theory of motivation we can use to analyze why we buy things (Maslow)? a. Marconi’s Principle
b. Mustang Mayhem
c. Monterray Ladder
d. Maslow’s Hierarchy
e. Melissa’s Steps

4. If something is said to be pervasive it is:
a. Large and intractable
b. Contemporary and post-modern
c. Thoroughly penetrating or permeating
d. New and improved
e. Unwanted but unavoidable

5. In the lecture it was made clear that using marketing concepts and practices in charities is particularly challenging because charities operate with multiple _________. a. Competitors
b. Government agencies
c. Publics
d. Promotional campaigns
e. Goals, aims and objectives

6. “The McDonaldization of society” means
a. The saturation of a market with fast food restaurants
b. The trend towards the application of standardized, assembly line processes to tasks, products and services of everyday life c. The practice of developing a “just in time” philosophy d. Ensuring that everyone working in marketing roles is equipped with management skills equivalent to those held by McDonald’s restaurant managers e. The tendency for the globalization of brand names in fast moving consumer goods.

7. Microsoft is interested in buying a share of ‘Facebook’ because a. They see it as a powerful form of social networking that can offer the chance to engage in peer to peer marketing b. They think it offers a great advertising platform for their own software products c. They are interested in learning about and copying the software used on the site d. They see it as a potential threat to their key business areas e. ‘b’ and ‘d’ above

8. My Space is an example of:
a. Anti-marketing
b. The technological imperative
c. A niche segmentation strategy
d. Social networking
e. A standardized technology platform with digitally integrated maelstrom functionality

9. Learning is all pervasive in our lives, but there are two different theories on how people learn – the _____ theories and the _____ theories. a. behavioral; affective
b. cognitive; rational
c. behavioral; cognitive
d. emotional; affective
e. experiential; intentional

10. Newly acquired knowledge and personal experience serve as _____ to the individual and provide the basis for future behavior in similar situations. a. stimulus
b. sensation
c. communication
d. understanding
e. feedback

11. In the marketplace, price, styling, packaging, advertising, and store displays all serve as _____ to help consumer fulfill their needs in product-specific ways. a. feedback
b. cues
c. response
d. motivation
e. reinforcement

12. _____ increases the likelihood that a specific response will occur in the future as the result of particular cues or stimuli. a. Feedback
b. Cues
c. Response
d. Motivation
e. Reinforcement

13. If you usually listen to the 6 o’clock news while smelling dinner as it is being prepared, you would tend to associate the news with dinner, and eventually the sound of the 6 o’clock news alone might cause your mouth to water even if dinner was not being prepared. This is known as _____. a. instrumental conditioning

b. classical conditioning
c. conditional learning
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