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Lecture Activity #3: Cells (Chapter 3)
Instructions: Read chapter 3 in your textbook and review the lecture notes and study resources provided by your instructor. Type your answer in the answer block provided for each question. Answer blocks should expand as you type. If you experience difficulty typing in the provided answer blocks, you may type your answers in a new document. Save a copy of the completed activity to your computer for your records. Although this activity is not graded, your instructor reserves the right to require students to submit their completed work at any time throughout the semester. Short Answer Questions

1. Explain why mitosis can be thought of as cellular immortality? |

2. Contrast the roles of ER-bound ribosomes with those free in the cytosol. |

3. Cells linking the trachea have whiplike motile extensions on their free surfaces. What are these extensions, what is their source, and what is their function? |

4. Name the three phases of interphase and describe an activity unique to each phase. |

5. Differentiate clearly between primary and secondary active transport processes. |

Clinical Application Questions

1. A “red hot” bacterial infection of the intestinal tract irritates the intestinal cells and interferes with digestion. Such a condition is often accompanied by diarrhea, which causes loss of body water. On the basis of what you have learned about osmotic water flows, explain why diarrhea may occur. |

2. Dynein is missing from the cilia and flagella of individuals with a specific inherited disorder. These individuals have severe respiratory problems and, if males, are sterile. What is the structural connection between these two symptoms? |

3. Water is a precious natural resource in Florida and it is said that supplies are dwindling. Desalinization (removing salt from)...
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