Anuptafobia Fear of Being Single

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Supporting Material for Your Speech
A good speech will utilize several different types of supporting material. Use this worksheet to begin gathering the correct material. Please read the following questions and type your answer in the space provided. Click "Submit Answers for Grading" to send the answer to your professor. Use this page to begin gathering supporting material for your speech. Recognize that the supporting material you use will be in great part contingent upon your speech purpose and the organizational and presentational strategies you employ. The best speeches use a variety of supporting materials. Be sure to include your source after each type of supporting material. The types of supporting materials listed in the text are:

* Personal experience
* Common knowledge
* Direct observation
* Examples
* Documents
* Statistics
* Testimony
* Types of Supporting Materials
* 1.   Receipts, photos, memos, manuscripts, maps, charts, graphs, paintings, drawings, journal entries, photos, etc. * 2.   Texts (see below)
* 3.   Statistics – used with citation data and source. * 4.   Testimony – the direct observation or personal experience of someone other than the speaker * 4.1.                  Can be verbal or written or recorded (audio/video) * 5.   Examples – (see below)

* 6.   Personal Experience – what the speaker has directly experienced * 7.   Common Knowledge – Be careful with this – don’t fall into “Ad Populum Fallacy!” * 8.   Direct Observation – what the speaker has directly seen

* Examples
* 1.   Brief Examples – directly relate to audience’s likely knowledge and experience * 2.   Hypothetical Examples – these are the “what if someone took” or “imagine a poor child” stories * 3.   Anecdotes – a story with a punch-line that emphasizes your point * 4.   Case Study – a fully developed scenario exploring and explaining the point you wish to make

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