Mock Proposal Of Interactive Media

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Ministry Of Interactive Media


With the rise of independent video game developers and companies in Malaysia foraying into the videogame market, the Malaysian government decided that this form of media can be expanded to reach an international audience. The government also wanted to increase the country’s economy. As a result, the Ministry of Interactive Media was born.


1. An advisory board that decides the suitable age rating for each video game. 2. Making certain games to be illegal to be sold towards minors. 3. Becomes the main dealer for video games and consoles from other countries to reach the market in Malaysia, avoiding the use of private dealers or even illegals. 4. Help independent game developers by publishing the games, giving loans, and time-exclusive marketing. 5. Do programs that promote unity of the people of Malaysia through Videogames. 6. Taking the appropriate action on people who are harassing other people online.


1. Community Play Centre Initiative
A place where people of different backgrounds can play games together. Only Multiplayer games are allowed to be played to avoid game hogging. Time limit per community member
Registration is required to avoid strangers playing the games. Placed in areas in a multi-racial community.

2. Ethical Videogames Behaviour Talk
A talk about the behavior or manners that needs to be present when playing video games especially online. Free and targeted towards secondary school students.
Also available to anyone at any community hall, according to the date that will be stated on the government portal.


Make Your Country Proud Programme
The competition for developers to make a game about Malaysia. Open to Independent developers only.
A loan can be requested (Max RM 100 000). If the game wins the competition, the developer doesn’t have to payback the loan. Earnings from the games go to the developers themselves.
The games must promote...
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