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Strategic Marketing

Fall, 2010
Course Unique # 05140 (8:00 a.m.)

ProfessorKate Mackie, Ph.D.
Office CBA 5.176 M (behind Communications Office, above Dean’s office) Office Hours Tuesdays/Thursdays, 1:00-2:30, and by appointment Phone 512-288-3115 (Cell phone – feel free to call any day before 9 p.m.)

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Course description
The primary objective of this course is to help you develop skills and gain experience in analyzing a business’s situation and then formulating, implementing, and monitoring marketing strategy in a competitive environment. The course will focus specifically on issues such as selecting segments in which to compete, developing meaningful points of differentiation and positioning statements, allocating resources, designing products, setting and managing prices, developing and managing distribution strategies, and developing and managing promotion strategies.

Leadership and this Course

The Texas MBA program is designed to develop influential business leaders. The MBA Program has identified four fundamental and broad pillars of leadership: knowledge and understanding, communication and collaboration, responsibility and integrity, and a worldview of business and society.

In this course, you will enhance your knowledge and understanding of how leaders can use marketing strategy to drive their businesses. Through class discussion, exercises, and a team-based marketing simulation, you will enhance your communication and collaboration skills. The development of team and individual assignments will exercise your abilities in responsibility and integrity.

A comprehensive strategic marketing simulation, MARKSTRAT ONLINE, will allow you and your teammates to develop and monitor the effectiveness of marketing strategies, including targeting, positioning, and resource allocation decisions. This realistic computer simulation allows you to learn by doing (well, virtually) and to appreciate more deeply (a) the importance of understanding customer needs, (b) the importance of taking a long-term perspective, and (c) the inherent ambiguities in developing strategies in dynamic competitive environments. Finally, many of the cases and examples involve international companies, affording you a global perspective on marketing strategy.

Required Materials

MarkStrat Online PAK (software license) and Handbook: Each student in class must purchase the “Participant Activation Key” (PAK = License) and Handbook. To do this, go to Click on “North, Central, and South America”. Then input the following Course ID into the search box: A07675, and click OK. On the next page, you will see our course (A07675 Markstrat - Strategic Marketing – 10Fa – 05140). Click on “View More.”

Here you will have two choices:
1. You can purchase the electronic PAK/Handbook for $50.00. If you do this, it will take you automatically to a registration page after you pay. From there, you can download the software (Team Software (New Version – 2010)) and the Participant Handbook. 2. You can purchase a hard copy of the PAK/Handbook for $55.00. It will be mailed to you. The PAK (license number) will be inside the book, in the back cover. Note that you cannot register for MarkStrat until you receive this. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you purchase the electronic version. You can print out the electronic PDF if you wish. The hard copy handbooks will not have resale value because it is the license number that you are purchasing – and it can only be used once.

Readings: Some of the readings for this class are available in full text (usually PDF) from Business Source Complete (BSC). For these articles, go to, then to Research Tools...
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