Topics: Discrimination, Consumer protection, Disability Discrimination Act 1995 Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: May 29, 2013
sharon mcwilliams

unit 1 Pttls

Theory question 1.1

Summarise key aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practise relating to own role and responsabilites

As a teacher it is paramount that all legislation requirements are adhered to and followed, One of my responsibilities as a teacher is having up to date knowledge of current legislation requirements and codes of practise, including those that are subject related.The equality Act (2006) reconizes inclusiveness by respecting the right of learners to attend and participate,regardlessof the gender,race,ethnic origin,religion,disability sexual orientation or age. Other relevent legislation includes The Disability Discrimination Act (1995), The Sex Discrimination Act (1975), The Race Relation Act (1976) and The Health and saftey at work Act (1974) "Learners are entitled to learn in a safe and healthy environment" ( Gravells,2008,p17)

As a teacher in the beauty industry it is beneficial to me to have knowledge of legislations applicable to beauty therapy, such as The date protection Act (1998), which governs the protection of personal data of my students, and the Health & safety at Work Act (1974), which provides a suitable working environment for all students attending my courses.

"The institute for learning code of practise which includes profeesional integrity, respect for learners and others, reasonable care and continuing proffesional development" (I.F.L.uk 2008) As my teaching subjects involves customer service, I must update my knowledge regarding consumer rights, includeing The supply of Goods and Services Act(1982), The Trades description Act(1968 and The consumer Protection Act (1987).

With regards to beauty therapy i must respect the health and safety needs of students, The handling of dangerous substances must be adhered to correctly and controlled.(COSHH) All therapists and students must wear appropiate clothing, have clean short nails, no jewllery and hair tied...
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