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Outcome 5 Assessment
For change to be managed within Alphabet Games, management must first be able to understand what the causes, impact and consequences are. The cause for change within Alphabet Games is that is not able to compete with competitors such as Sony and Microsoft and consumer demands are changing. This is due to the front loading costs giving these companies the upper hand in software development. The impact if Alphabet Games don't change will be that they will lose market share and profits and this could in turn lead to job loses within the company. The consequence will eventually be the closure of the company as it was unable to compete or diversify there products. Alphabet Games are using an action centered strategy to address the problem by investing in the expansion of essential research and development facilities to ensure that they not only meet the demands of the game players but the new facilities will also assist Alphabet Games with diversifying their products and help them to make the change and move into viral marketing. As the consumer are demanding increasingly breathtaking graphics and overall game play Alphabet Games have had to change to meet these demands and have done this by entering into a partnership with established partners in character and film development. Thurley and Wirdenius model of change

Directive Strategy
This is when the managers use their authority to force changes with little involvement from others. This is not the best strategy for Alphabet Games as this will create unnecessary resistance which could slow the change transition within the company. Expert Strategy

This is when changes are implemented in a company by specialist project teams. Alphabet Games have recruited a new breed of business/IT managers that will allow them to make the changes to viral marketing a quicker and more efficient process. Negotiating Strategy

This is when stakeholders get to have their say and negotiate changes in the...
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