Mis Case Study Ch1-5

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MIS Case Studies
Chapters 1-5

Chapter 1:
Study 1
1. No, technology alone cannot solve all customer service problems, employees are still needed to run the technology and back it up in case something goes wrong. 2. $57.56 million/per year in call center savings, and reduction from $1.36 billion per year to $21.6 million in tracking savings. 3. Ship Manager and Fedex.com, package-tracking

Study 2
1. Mobile technology, Scan-as-you-go.
2. Scan It
3. The smartphone will be a shopping tool or even a way to pay for their purchase. Chapter 2:
Study 1
1. It can be ran on almost any type of computer, is available for all major microprocessors and server platforms, and most are free. 2. Some users may still be turned off by the command feature. 3. Source codes and GNU General Public License.

4. Register them.
Study 2
1. Your needs of use for the tablet or laptop should be considered before buying one of the devices. 2. The tablet’s features are: small size, touch screen, and apps The Laptop’s features are: keyboard, bigger screen, and wide variety of task it can be used for. 3. Laptops are more productive than tablets, and tablets are more portable than laptops. 4. Ipad, Galaxy Nexus, and the Kindle Fire HD.

Chapter 3:
Study 1
1. Harrah needs an information system that can analyze and sort their data into smaller groups. 2. The new information system sorted their customer’s data Harrah could determine their customer’s preferences and send incentives. 3. The new system can also measure the effectiveness of the various campaigns.

Study 2
1. Pandora recommends music to its customers based on the customer’s favorite songs they have established, which is done with data-mining tools. 2. The Music Genome Project is used to find songs with the same melody, rhythm, vocals, and similar components to establish a station. 3. The like and dislike data-mining tool are used in the song recommendation, the...
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