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2007-2008 May 2008

MGT 3170 Strategic Management

Acting Module Leader Abhijit Mandal

Time allowed: Total number of questions: Instructions to candidates:

Three Hours Five Students have to answer all questions in Part I AND Any two questions from Part II Part I and Part II are equal in terms of marks

Marks: Materials provided:

Each question in Part Two is worth 25 marks Case Study Starbucks (Richard Ivey School of Business) Answer Books and Extra Loose Sheets with Fixing Tags Front Sheet plus Two Pages of questions

Total number of pages:

Candidates are warned that illegible scripts will not be marked.

No books, other papers or electronic devices are permitted to be brought into the examination room other than those specified above.

Students may keep the examination paper at the end of the examination.

MGT3170/2007-2008/Jun 08

Part I – Compulsory “Starbucks” Case Study Questions
1.1 What, according to you, is the intended strategy being followed by Starbucks? Why do you say so? What is your assessment of Starbucks’s competitive position vis-à-vis its competitors? Ensure that your answers are well-supported by reasoned analysis. (Suggested maximum limit: 3 sides) (20 marks) 1.2 In your opinion, do you think Starbucks has been faithful to its intended strategy? Answer with reference to the information provided in the case. (Suggested maximum limit: 3 sides) (15 marks) 1.3 In your opinion, what should Starbucks be doing next to grow and prosper? Should they change from the strategy that you described in your answer to Question 1? How do you suggest that Starbucks respond to the offer from McDonalds? (Suggested maximum limit: 3 sides) Hint: You may find it useful to analyse the different growth opportunities in terms of its strengths and weaknesses from its value chain. Diagrams and tables are not part of the suggested maximum limits. (15 marks)


MGT3170/2007-2008/Jun 08

Part II...
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