Marketing Strategy for Oasis Spa

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High end spas in the cruise line industry catering to individual customers are concern of using natural organic products.

Product Strategy
As the product is 100% organic, it creates a niche branding image which actually will speak for the brand of the product itself.

Price of each product will be more expensive because they are not doing mass production due to retain the freshness of each batch of product. •Low advertising cost where 60% of what customer paid for a product is actually paying for the ingredients, and the rest for the shipping, packaging etc.

Spas in the cruise line industry such as Steiner, Lotus, or Oasis spa. •Exclusivity to Oriental Mandarin Hotel also to high end spas; not spas located in heartlands of Singapore •Product advocates such as importing cheaper price products which is distributed by Botanic Source, with very huge price range differences to prevent cannibalization.

Marketing Communication and strategy
Word of mouth: people who like the product would refer Botanic Source to other spa company. Lets say A is working together with company B, A is using a product range from Botanic Source, they find it good, and they will refer us to company B.

Personal selling: one on one direct marketing as Mr.Kervin is one man show •In order to carry out this strategy need a sales kit, also a brochure for the consumer to take a look and have the various information, and also a sample to let the consumer have a hands on experience on the actual product itself.

Product Training: educate consumer about organic products, how to go about applying them, and hence they will also teach their consumer, as they will be a retail advocate for us.
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