Market Reasearch on Meena Bazaar

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Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Introduction
In Bangladesh, now a day’s super market is a emerging, drastically boomed and very potential sector as well as popular choice of people for buying their daily necessary goods. A successful super market not only depends on how it serves its customers other than its competitors but also how it supply chain strongly and work effectively and efficiently. A typical supply chain refers the variety of stages. These supply chain stages include customers, retailers, wholesalers or distributors, manufactures and component of raw materials suppliers. In Bangladesh, Rahimafroz first introduced traditional super market named Agora, though they are the first comer in this business category, but when Gemcon group introduced their project named as Meena Bazar upper market business get familiar to the customer. Recently shop no super market of ACI group make a good position in this arena. In Bangladesh supermarket business developed on mainly capital city. Though some branches are opened divisional city. 1.2 Problem statement

Before conducting the research it is very much important to define about the narrow point of the problem. In our research the problem statement for which he worked is …. “Factors affecting on the emergence of supermarket in Bangladesh: A study on Meena Bazar.” 1.3 Scope of Research

This research tries to analyze the problem statement stated above. The Investigation will follow the pathway provided by the research topic. Considering the time frame, nature and size of the research paper, it is tried to describe the topic as much as possible and also endeavoured to formulate the description in a concise but comprehensive way. The non assistance from the company also narrowed down the scopes of the study.

Keeping two objectives in mind, we conducted the research study. One is primary objectives & another is secondary objectives. 1.4.1. Primary objectives
Primary objectives are ….
I.To know about the factors that are affecting on the emergence of supermarket. II.To rank the factors that are affecting on the emergence.

1.4.2 Secondary objectives
Secondary objectives are….
I.To know the supply chain of supermarket.
II.To understand the difference between the traditional markets supply chain and supermarkets supply chain. III.To explore the relation of shopping to the supermarket of residential area & non-residential area based on gender, income & age. IV.To gather practical knowledge of supply chain management. V.To explore the variation between male and female customer in residential & non-residential area. 1.5 Limitation of the study

It is not a very easy task to get the response of 200 respondents for a research. The main problem that we have faced is English questionnaire. When we given them English questionnaire, the respondent were not understanding some of the question. And the response time was high. Another major problem was the unwillingness of the customer. Maximum times the customers are coming in supermarket for time shortage. So they were not willing to response due to lack of time. During the time of survey, the authority of Meena Bazar’s some outlet show negative attitude in fear of losing their customer. When we went to the head office of Meena Bazar & submitted our desired question to them; they showed their unwillingness to give answer showing excuse of security. In the website, information about Meena Bazar is not sufficient. 100% accurate supply chain of Meena Bazar we could not collect. The supply chain that we discuss is totally based on the speech of outlet manager and website. 1.6 Target audience

We particularly focus on the people who usually buy their necessary product s from Meena Bazer Here We gigue the priority to the duel-income family and single spouse who don’t get sufficient time to go to the traditional market for shopping.

Chapter 2: Methodology

2.1 Types of...

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