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Topics: Toyota Production System, Toyota, Taiichi Ohno Pages: 8 (1947 words) Published: November 30, 2012
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Assignment 1
Due date: 26 November 2012 Coverage: Units 1–2 Length: The total length of the essay-type questions should not exceed 2,000 words. Those exceeding the upper word limit will be strictly penalized.

Question 1 (20 marks)
For each of the following ten sub-questions, select the best answer. Each correct answer is worth two marks. 1 Basket Maker uses phone surveys to gather customer feedback about service and quality. This is an example of the management function of ________. A planning

B leading
C organizing
D controlling

2 Paul Chan is the President of WV Railroad. His organization faces issues related to the environment, government regulation, and competition. He will need to rely primarily on his ________. A conceptual skills

B technical skills
C human skills
D controlling skills
3 Which of the following is not an example of a constituency that makes up the specific environment? A customers
B socio-cultural factors
C suppliers
D competitors


MGT B240 Principles and Practices of Management


Which of these is a major criticism of scientific management? A It ignored the impact of compensation on performance.
B It overemphasized individual differences.
C It overemphasized the intelligence of workers.
D It ignored the social context of work.


Bierderlack has a policy stating that more than three absences in a six-month period shall result in a suspension. Erin, the manager, has just decided to suspend one of her shift employees for violating this policy. This is an example of ________. A a programmed decision B a nonprogrammed decision

C an insignificant decision
D poor management


Kari is a manager at MySize Clothing. Her job is very complex and she feels that she does not have enough time to identify and/or process all the information she needs to make decisions. Kari’s situation is most consistent with which of the following concepts? A bounded rationality

B the classical model of decision making
C brainstorming
D scientific management


Which of the following is an example of a procedure?
A Without exception, all employees in customer-facing roles must be formally attired at all times. B Before going on a leave of absence, fill in the application form available on the company’s online leave management system. All applications will be approved/rejected within two days by the employee’s immediate supervisor. C We promote from within, whenever possible. If qualified applicants are available internally, a job posting will be issued by the HR department providing the necessary details about all vacancies. D Employees working with power tools must wear safety glasses at all times.

Assignment File



Sophie is in charge of recruitment at her company. During a particular interview, the first thing Sophie noticed about the applicant was that he was improperly attired. Though the candidate possessed the necessary qualifications and effectively answered all her questions, Sophie rejected him. This is an example of the ________. A randomness bias

B self-serving bias
C anchoring effect
D representation bias

Read the following scenario and then answer questions 9 to 10: Tom has just been promoted to chief technology officer at his company, Global Tech Solutions, Inc. His first assignment is to identify four project managers in the company who are likely to successfully manage new projects. Tom selects Robert, Frank, Sue, and Jan, who all are recent graduates from a local university. He informs them about a current situation. 9 During a discussion about e-business, Robert tells Tom that he understands that e-business is a comprehensive term describing the way an organization does its work by using ________ in order to efficiently and effectively achieve its goals. A globalization of the marketplace B innovation and growth

C electronic linkages with key constituencies
D entrepreneurship...
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