Lord of the Flies Notes

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* - ralph likes that there is no authority figure
* Different setting, none of the things that happened would have happened * No adults, most fend for themselves
* No order let loose, do what they want
* No authority to remind them what it right and wrong

- Piggy thinks they are stranded on the island because their plane was attacked (p.2 line 28 and lines 31-33) “ We was attacked! […] When we was coming down I looks through one of them windows. I saw the other part of the plane. There were flames coming out of it.” - (p. 5-6 line 21-25) “Daddy taught me. He’s a commander in the navy. When he gets leave he’ll come and rescue us. […] (piggy) “how does he know we’re here? (ralph) “ They’d tell him at the airport” “Not them. Didn’t you hear what the pilot said? About the atom bomb? They’re all dead” […] “They’re all dead, an’ this is an island. Nobody don’t know we’re here. Your dad don’t know, nobody don’t know-“ * - (p. 26) (ralph) “this belongs to us”

* Automatically want to rule over it
* Struggle for power
* The reactions from the boys would not have been the same in a different setting. If they had not been on an island, they could have traveled over land to eventually be saved. But they are stuck on an island. They cannot escape and they cannot escape each other We don’t know where they are, or the island is located, because nooine else knows where they are. The - p 26 a description of the island

- the confirm the island is not inhabited
- ralph tries to turn the fact that they are stranded on an island into something out of a book or a vacation. - the mountain becomes the fire place * Island even gave them a place to put their fire, so that they could be noticed and rescued** - p. 53 “ as if it wasn’t as good island

- p. 60-61 description of the day, temperature and time in relation to hallucinations - setting is so crucial in this novel, because without them being stranded on a desert island, everything would be completely different. It would be easier to get help and anything else they might need. Help would basically be so close they could almost touch it. But because they are on an island, isolated, and far away from any grownups or rescue, everything plays out accordingly. Because of the lack of authority, the boys automatically create one, putting some over others, although by a vote. This would not have happened if the pilot had survived. The time period in which this happened is unknown, although it may have been in the time of world war two because that is close to the time that Golding wrote the book. At one point piggy describes an airport that was blown up by an atom bomb. This leaves me to think that it may not be far into the future, rather than later. ( according to the movie that we watched in class, it is said that the boys were being evacuated from their schools, because of risk of being attacked during the war. Sometime their plane must have been shot down while they were escaping) - immediately picked a leader

- why do the boys claim the island as their own when they are stranded on it? - the setting is the base of the story
- much visual imagery
- the children are blank slates
* The island is a blank slate, the children can do with it what they like. * the island has provided them with everything that they could need for their survival. They have material for shelter, water, fruit, and a place for their fire. * Golding has given them Piggy’s glasses, they have fire Clean slate they were given everything they need to survive (sticks, glasses for fire, fruit dry land) and whatever they decide to do, will affect the future.

- no fire but on the mountain
- not all things are discovered in the water, the land that is known has just become safe, whereas the water is unknown and has just become a danger. * note that the water removes all the bodies, and keeps the deaths from seeming real. They do not know much about the water, but it...
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