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Topics: Communication, Writing, Question Pages: 4 (698 words) Published: December 1, 2012
SCHOOL: Couva West SecondaryYEAR: 2012/2013TERM: One
FORM: FourDURATION OF THE LESSON: 35minutes EXAMINATION: C.S.E.C SUBJECT: Principles of BusinessNO. OF STUDENTS: 17 AGE RANGE: 14-16 UNIT TOPIC: Internal organizational Environment LESSON TOPIC: Communication TEACHER’S NAME: Dayne Sagar GENERAL OBJECTIVES: At the end of the lesson, students will; 1. Develop knowledge of communication

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: At the end of the lesson, students will; Cognitive Domain (knowledge):
1. Understand communication
2. Identify types of communication
Psychomotor Domain (Skill):
1. Draw a concept map outlining for communication

Affective Domain (attitude)
1. Value the importance of communication in the organization. PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE: autocratic and democratic leadership, team work. PROCEDURES:
TIME| ELEMENTS| CONTENT| TEACHING LEARNING RESOURCES| TEACHING LEARNING METHODS| TEACHER’S ACTIVITIES| STUDENTS’ ACTIVITIES| EVALUATION| 2- 3 mins| Introduction/Set Induction| Greetings to class. Telling students a secret.Introduces the topic and objectives| Power point/multimedia, white board| Discussion| Telling a secretDiscussingQuestioning| RespondingAsking Questionsobserving| Formative| 8 mins| Presentation 1| Definition of :communication| Power point/multimediaWhite board, lesson notes| DiscussionStep by step guidance| DiscussingQuestioningExplaining| Responding,Note taking, Working in groups| Formative| 2 mins| Summary| Review of main points| Power point/multimedia, White board, lesson notes| Discussion| DiscussingQuestioningProviding information| Responding, Note taking, Working in groups| Formative| 8| Presentation 2| Forms of communication| Power point/ multimediaWhiteboard, lesson notes| DiscussionStep by step guidance| DiscussingQuestioningExplainingProviding information| RespondingNote takingWorking in groups| Formative| 2 mins| Summary|...
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