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Topics: Statistics, Normal distribution, Statistical inference Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: May 28, 2014
BUAD 2070 Assignment 1 – Case Problem, Par, Inc. on pages 441 – 442.

1. To completely answer Question 1, formulate the null and alternative hypotheses, define clearly the symbols you use, and present the rationale for your research hypothesis.

2. To completely answer Question 2, Copy the Excel file “Golf”. In order to answer Question 2, apply “t-Test; Two-sample Assuming Unequal Variances” in Data Analysis of Excel (see instructions on page 445).

3. In order to answer Questions 3 and 4, apply “Descriptive Statistics” in Data Analysis of Excel (see instructions on pages 343-344). In the row “Confidence Level (95.0%)” of the Descriptive Statistics printout you will see the margin of error of the confidence interval for the corresponding population mean. On the other hand, you cannot find by Excel the 95% confidence interval for the difference between the means of the two populations. So you should apply formula (10.6) by hand. In the Excel output from “t-Test; Two-sample Assuming Unequal Variances”, you can find the degrees of freedom computed using formula (10.7) as well as the needed critical value. 4. Use Microsoft Word to write a managerial report in which you include your answers to all five questions, and summarize your findings. Your report should also include all your Excel outputs (Copy the excel outputs as exhibits – you can refer to these in your report). Hint. You may assume that you are working for Par. Inc. and your boss, who has a very limited knowledge about business statistics, asked you to conduct a statistical analysis concerning the comparison of performance of the current golf ball and the golf ball with the new coating. You report may look like a letter (with 5 paragraphs – one for each question) written to your boss in which you present your findings and make recommendation on the production of the new golf ball.

The due-date is Tuesday May 27th 2014 by 11:59 PM. You have to submit one document – use the...
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