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Topics: Edo period, Tokugawa shogunate, Japan Pages: 3 (828 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Term | Definition | Historical Importance |
Shogun | Hereditary commander in chief in Feudal Japan| The shogun had all the military power in feudal Japan and had more power then even the emperor who was seen to be as just a symbol.| Sankin Kotai (alternate attendance) | A system started in 1635 that forced all daimyao to travel and stay in Edo for a term, where they would then leave their wife and children before returning to their land.| In doing this the Shogun ensured the subservience of the Daimyao. This system opened up a lot of commerce in both the traveling route and in Edo. It was an effective use of political control because it created a “hostage” situation with the families of the Daimyaos ensuring loyalty. | Fudai Daimyo| A class of daimyaos who were vassels of Tokugawa Ieyasu. They were the most loyal and trusted of the Daimyao. | They were placed strategically around Edo as they were the most loyal and held most rapport in the shoguns council | Baku-han System| This was the feudal military government system of the Edo period | The leaders of the government were Shoguns who has rule over certain domains but were all in allegiance with Tokugawa Ieyasu. The Daimyao ruled from a castle in Edo hense the time period is refered to as the Edo Perios. | Rangaku (Dutch Learnings)| When japan was isolated to trade from foreigners they still learned from the west things like technology and medicine| Learning these things while still in isolation as a country let them grow on their own without influence and made for a developed understanding of technology when they opened up the country to foreign trade. | Sonno Joi| “Rever The Emperor Expell The Barbarians!” – A political slogan during the fall of the Togokawa system. | Since foreigners were pressing on Japan to let them in and to let trade commence – people realized that keeping them out would only do more harm then good especially because the Daimyao made sure that other places...
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