It240 Appendix E

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Appendix E

TCP/IP Network Planning Table

Refer to appendix E1.
Identify the problems with the TCP/IP network and complete the table. ProblemExplanation of Proposed Solution
Group A-D – Subnet addresses need corrected all should be the subnet addresses for group A-D by changing the subnet address on computer A to be the same as B,C. Then correct D to match B&C. Router1 – the IP Addresses should match the network they flow from.IP Address flowing from the Token Ring Group E,F,& G should be Token Ring Group the IP Addresses specifically the 4 Octet which numbers the computer should be different. Also being a Class b IP, the IP address is wrong.Correct IP Addresses, Computers numbers should be 104, 105, and 106; Also we need to correct the subnet address, Being a Class b, it should be Group H, I, J &K the IP Address is incorrect for the second octetFor Group H, I , J, and K, the address should all start the same,, This will also change the gateway address, The changes specifically affect computer I. R2 IP and Subnet addresses need addressed and changed.The flow from Group E,F,G needs to be labeled as 135139.1.0, subnet, and the flow from group L,M,N should be with subnet being a class b IP. Group L, M, N the IP gateway address and subnet address needs to be updated.For Group L, M, &N, we need to update the IP gateway address and subnet address, the subnet being a class b should be, and the gateway address should be
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