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-According to Muslims, Islam is the final version of God’s Religion. It was revealed to Adam (Alahi Salam).

-Allah finally revealed to a man named Muhammad (PBUH); he is now considered the last Prophet of Islam.

-Islam is an Arabic word which means ‘Surrender’, ‘Obedience’ or ‘Submission’.

-Muslims believe that they should surrender to the will of god.

-This is because Muslims believe that if a person totally obeys the will of Allah, they will achieve peace in themselves.

Belief and Teachings

-The religion with god is Islam. (Quran 3:19 )
-You, who believe, obey God and Messenger. (Quran 4:59 )
-Who can be better in religion than he who submits his whole self to God? (Quran 4:125)


-One of the key beliefs of a Muslim is Tawheed, this is the believe that there is only one god. -Tawheed in Arabic means attributing Oneness to Allah and describing Him as being One and Unique, with no partner or peer in His Essence and Attributes.

Beliefs and teachings

-Say: He is Allah, the one and only!
Allah, the eternal absolute!
He is the father of none, and none is his father.
And there is none like unto him.

Allah. There is no god but he, the living, is the self-subsisting, Eternal. No slumber can seize him or sleep. His are all things in the heaven and on earth.


Risalah is the Arabic word for Messenger. The messengers are prophets but the messenger were given revelations, i.e. Muhammad was given the Qur’an, Jesus was given the bible, Moses was given the Torah and David was given the Psalms.

Muslims recognise the prophets as humans who were chosen to convey a specific mission given by god to guide the humans of that time. Muslims believe that every prophet was given a religion to guide the people of that time. The Qur’an mentions 25 of them but according to Muslim tradition. They each received a book from God: Moses received the Torah; Jesus the gospel; and Muhammad was given the Qur’an. Muslims believe that the Qur’an is an accurate record of God’s message. Even though each of the earlier messages were passed on perfectly in time, people bended the truth to suit their needs. Each one of the also led a good life which set an example to others of how God wanted the people to live

Akhirah (Day of Judgement)

Muslims believe that there is life, before this happens there are two angels who will appear to the deceased and ask two questions about their faith. The people who answer the questions correctly they will be shown their reward, whereas those who get them wrong or denied god will be showed the punishments to come. Then they will wait in a state called Barzakh, which means a barrier, people cannot come back across that barrier to set things right or warn the living.

Last Day of Judgement

Muslims believe that when the universe has completed the purpose for which god made it, he will end it. The Angel Israfil will blow a trumpet to announce the last day and the world will be destroyed. The dead will be resurrected; they will be resurrected back to life by god. The Qur’an suggests that they will be given new bodies. Everyone who has ever lived will be called in front of god for judgement and the book of their life will be given to them. If the book is given in their left hand they will go to hell but if it’s given in their right hand they will go to heaven.

Paradise and Hell

Hell, or Jahannam, is mentioned frequently in the Qur'an and the Sunnah using a variety of imagery. It has seven doors (Qur'an 39:71; 15:43) leading to a fiery crater of various levels, the lowest of which contains the tree Zaqqum and a cauldron of boiling pitch. The level of hell depends on the degree of offenses. Suffering is both physical and spiritual. Being a Muslim does not keep one out of Hell, but it is not clear whether Muslims remain in Hell forever. Non-Muslims (kafir), however, will be punished eternally. A Muslim author on
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