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The Microbial Universe


Chapter 1
Review Study Outline for Chapter 1 on pp. 21-22. (It helps to read this before viewing the video.)


Video 1, "The Microbial Universe"
PowerPoint lecture:

NOTE: You will need Flash Player for viewing the PowerPoint lecture. You can download it from the following site:

Note: You can PRINT the PowerPoint lecture if you scroll down to the PowerPoint file in this unit and click on it. It will download to your computer. You can view the TEXT of the PowerPoint Lecture if you view it under Notes.

The following objectives focus your attention on the major concepts from the video and reading:

List 7 major groups of organisms studied in microbiology. Identify the cell structure for each group (prokaryotic, eukaryotic, acellular). List the major characteristics that allow us to differentiate among these major groups. Compare the theories of spontaneous generation and biogenesis. Recognize the system of scientific nomenclature that uses genus and specific epithet names. List 4 diverse sources of microorganisms that demonstrates microorganisms are ubiquitous (everywhere). Explain the orgin of microbes, i.e., where do microbes come from? (Think "Cell Theory") Identify four activities of microorganisms that are beneficial to human existence. Identify two activities of microorganisms that are detrimental to human existence. Identify the importance of Koch's postulates. Explain why the period 1857 to 1914 is called the "Golden Age of Microbiology?" Why are microbes called the "keepers of the environment"? What is normal microbiota? Your body harbors how many times as many microbial cells as human cells? The suffix "ology" means "study of." Thus...

Links: file. These websites give additional information to help with understanding this unit. They give supplemental information and will not be used to generate quiz questions.

UNIT 1 Quiz
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