Information Security

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information security.
1. What do you understand by information security? Explain the CIA triad. Information security:is the practice of defending information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction it has also be define as the protection of information systems against unauthorized access to or modification of information, whether in storage, processing or transit, and against the denial of service to authorized users or the provision of service to unauthorized users, including those measures necessary to detect, document, and counter such threats. The CIA triad: stands for C-Confidentiality, I-Integrity and A-Availability is one of the core principles of information security which should be guaranteed in any kind of secure system.This principle is applicable across the whole subject of Security Analysis, from access to a user's internet history to security of encrypted data across the internet. If any one of the three can be breached it can have serious consequences for the parties concerned. CONFIDENTIALITY: Confidentiality is the ability to hide information from those people unauthorized to view it. It is perhaps the most obvious aspect of the CIA triad when it comes to security; but correspondingly, it is also the one which is attacked most often. Cryptography and Encryption methods are an example of an attempt to ensure confidentiality of data transferred from one computer to another. INTEGRITY: In information security, data integrity means maintaining and assuring the accuracy and consistency of data over its entire life-cycle. This means that data cannot be modified in an unauthorized or undetected manner. This is not the same thing as referential integrity in databases, although it can be viewed as a special case of Consistency as understood in the classic ACID model of transaction processing. Integrity is violated when a message is actively modified in transit. Information...
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