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Features of Indian Society
Society is group of people interacting with each other due to similarities among them as well as differences among them. Our Indian society is said to have “Unity in diversity”. Our preamble recognizes India as a Union of States only because of the vast diversity. some of the features of Indian society are as follows: Hindu way of life:

Hindu religion is the indigenous religion of India. And it is said that tolerance and non-violence of Hindu way of life shape the nation to its present form. Our society has been projected as a traditional society based on spiritual believes giving less importance to material growth. But it is not true at all. Today we are going towards secular, modern and stronger nation. It is true that the traditional Hindu society believed in scribed status eg. Caste, gender, religion etc. it was a hierarchical order where upward mobility was difficult and slow. During that period goals of life were DHAMMA, ARTHA, KAAM, MOKSHA. Religion:

From the Vedic period Indian society believes in Four Ashrams ; 1. Brahmacharya 2. grahasta
3. vanprastha
4. sanyas
Religion is the foremost feature of Indian society. There are 8 main religions found in India namely 1.HINDU 2.MUSLIM 3.CHRISTIAN 4.SIKHS 5.BUDDHISM 6.JAINISM 7.ZORASTRIANNS 8.JEWS They all have their own Gods and rituals. Out of these major religions only Hindu, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism are native in character. These religions are further divided into sub branches. Religion in India is very deeply rooted. There are many negative impacts of religion over Indian society. To reduce these impacts our Constitution describes India as a Secular state. Language:

Like religious diversity Indian society also has linguistic diversity. There are 22 scheduled languages in part 8th of our constitution. Apart from these official languages there are many other languages that are used locally by people. There are five families of languages; 1.Andamanese 2.Austro-...
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