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RETURN OF THE ICE MAN - Extra Credit Worksheet - Anth 103

Directions. Answer the following questions, based on your notes from the film, Return of the Ice Man Your answers must be typed and written in complete sentences. Due in class on Wed, Nov. 16. Maximum 4 points of extra credit.

Link to film: Descriptive Questions

1. What materials were found with the Ice Man?
* A grass cape, grass filled leather boots, einkorn spikelet, mushrooms, a copper axe, a flint blade, and arrows in an intact quiver were found with the Ice Man.

2. What information did archaeologists learn about him from those materials? * From the materials found on the Ice Man, archaeologists learned that the mushrooms were used as medicine for its antibiotic properties, and the einkorn spikelet revealed the Ice Man walked through an agricultural village. With the quiver and arrows, it shows evidence that the Ice Man had knowledge of ballistics and physics of it, whether it was used for hunting or fighting. With the copper axe found, it determined the when the Ice man lived as well.

3. When did he live? What evidence supports your answer?
* The copper axe found with the Ice Man gives evidence that he lived in the late Stone Age. From carbon dating done on his bones, it is concluded that he lived about 5000 years ago.

4. How old was he when he died? What evidence supports your answer? * Scientists have concluded that the Ice Man died around the age of 45, which many at the time rarely reached, by analyzing the Ice Man’s bones.

5. How did he die (go to the internet for updates!) What evidence supports your answer? * From the updates on the internet, evidence of an arrow in the Ice Man’s shoulder suggests he died due to a homicide, though the reason in inconclusive, it may have been a fight or another shepherd trying to steal his flock of sheep.

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