History 13015-8

Topics: United States Constitution, United States, Thomas Jefferson Pages: 5 (2262 words) Published: October 24, 2014

Chapters 5&6
The model for many of the delegates to the constitution was the Roman Republic
As president George Washington
Was careful not to exceed the powers given him by the constitution The politician who sought to preserve America as a nation of minimal government and small independent farmers is Thomas Jefferson

How did Presidnet George Washington exercise his presidential power? Did he use it to advance partisan interests? Did he use it to pressure the legistlature? Did he attept to follow the constitutionally defined power closely or did he seek to expland that power beyond its intended limits? What was his view of setting precedents for his successors? (pg 154) He attempted to follow the constitutionally defined power closely The policy whereby Britain forced people to serve in its navy. The impressment of sailors-even American citizens - on neutral vessels during the Napoleonic Wars outraged Americans and was a major cuase of the War of 1812. Impressment

Marbury v Madison supreme court ruled
Declared the judiciary act of 1789 unconstitutional and established the precedent of judicial review What consisted of the North african arab states of morocco, algiers, tunis and tripoli and for decades seized vessels all of the mediterranean and held crews and passengers for ransom. Barbary pirates

The episode which immediately prompted the Embargo Act was the ___ attack on the Chesapeake by the Leopard.
Under Jay's Treaty, ___ agreed to abandon its military posts in the American Northwest. -Great Britain
How was slavery a sectional issue before 1820?
most white Americans saw slavery as mainly a local issue.
In Marbury v. Madison, Chief Justice John Marshall cleverly established the power of the Supreme Court to ___ invalidate federal laws held to be in conflict with the Constitution. As created by the constitution, in what way does the office of president represent a rejection of the Framers' past ideas and experiences? (pg 148) *The Battle of New Orleans in 1815 resulted in the ___

emergence of Andrew Jackson as a military hero.
 The Federalist passed the Alien and Sedition Acts to target their political opponents. Who were their opponents? (pg 165) For Jefferson, one of the most important reasons for the Louisiana Purchase was that it ___. secured access to the mouth of the Mississippi river.

The Kentucky and Virginia Resolves argued for states' rights. For which specific right did the Resolves argue? (pg 166) The First Amendment (Speech & Press)
Among the causes of the War of 1812 was the ___
desire of Westerners to expand into Canada and Florida.
Compare and contrast the ideas of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton as they relate to: (a) The size and power of the national government; (b) Preservation of a rural/farming economy and lifestyle; (c) Commitment to an urban/commercially driven economy (pg 173) The greatest advantage which early canals offered was ___

a direct link between western areas and the eastern seaboard The location of the nation's capital on the Potomac River was the result of a political bargain orchestrated by Alexander Hamilton. What did Hamilton achieve through this bargain? (pg 156) Madison would not openly oppose Hamilton's assumption plan in the House, gaining him southern votes When considering a form of government for the United States, the delgates at the Constitutional Convention had many models from which to choose. Which model was held in the highest esteem? (pg 146) The federal system

Northern objections to admitting Missouri as a slave state were based on ___ the overrepresentation they thought Missouri would have because of the the Three-Fifths Compromise. Given the quesdtionabile constitutionality of his actions, on what basis did Jefferson justify the Louisiana purchase? (pg 180) He believed that since the good sense of our country clearly wanted Louisiana, he would acquiesce with satisfaction while congress overlooked the metaphysical subtleties....
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