Historical Context Matrix

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Historical Context Matrix

As you learn about health care delivery in the United States, it is important to understand the history of health care delivery to develop a working knowledge as you progress through the course. The following matrix is designed to help you develop that working knowledge. Fill in the following matrix. Each box should contain responses between 50 and 100 words.

|Historical Context |Historical background?|Where is the care |Who is the caregiver? |Goal of the care? |How is care paid | |Matrix | |delivered? | | |for? | |Snake oil |From the 1600s to |The sellers of snake|Most of the potions |Around these times |Not everyone had | | |about the early 1800s |oil would drive into|and elixers were self |there were a good |the money the snake| | |men traveling around |town and put on a |prescribed due to the |number of simple |oil sellers had in | | |in wagons, calling |big performance in |fact that most were |injuries with a good |order to buy the | | |themselves doctors, |order to get the |not real medicinal |few gunshot wounds and|elixers and herbs | | |would have bottles |attention of as many|drugs. For those that |cuts from swords. The |that they wanted. | | |full of different |people as possible. |were real drugs, the |doctors were a little |So instead of | | |potions and elixers |Once they got done |town doctor would have|bit more advanced in |paying with the | | |made from the many |with their speech |their patient come to |medicine and started |regular currency of| | |herbs found in their |and had everyone |their house and |being able to mend and|that time, they | | |travels. With every |believing their |administer the drug, |stitch the cuts and |would trade for it.| | |new area they went |remedies would work,|procedure or whatever |also to dig out the |Sometimes the | | |there would be new an |they would sell |might need to be done |bullets in order to |sellers would want | | |elixer or potion that |their remedies of |to bring the patient |save the life or limb |supplies; sometimes| | |a medicine man or |snake oil in the |back to health. |of their patients. |they want food or | | |another doctor could |street, at houses, | | |drinks, or animals.| | |show them to make and |in stores, wherever | | |Whatever it is that| | |they would in turn |people were willing | | |the snake oil | | |bring them into towns |to buy. | | |sellers ask for in | | |and sell them and heal| | | |trade. | | |those that they can. | | | | | |Early hospitals |Hospitals in the |The idea for |Universities around |As advancements in |Hospitals did not | | |United States emerged |Hospitals grew in |the world had been |medicine and |work for trade like| | |from institutions, |the big cities to |training people to |technology grow, the |the old snake oil | | |notably almshouses |care for...

References: http://thinkprogress.org/yglesias/2009/10/02/194591/health-care-in-1500/?mobile=nc
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