Health care provider case study

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Case Study – Healthcare Provider

May 20, 2014

A large, regional healthcare provider is developing a new, integrated wellness and prevention program (IWPP) for their patients. This involves developing an overarching strategy and aligning existing prevention capabilities. The client has employed Point B to facilitate the development of the plan’s strategy, conceptual design, and roadmap for initial implementation. Describe how you would approach this effort.

Broadly, the approach has three steps starting with the leadership team and then engaging the entire organization:
I. Leadership Strategy Development and Plan
II. Organization Engagement and Strategy Refinement
III. Initial Implementation
I. Leadership Strategy Development and Plan
Once the leadership participants are confirmed with the sponsor, facilitated workshops will be structured to shape the key deliverables: business strategy, conceptual design and roadmap. Workshops will focus on:

Finding a common understanding of what is a successful IWPP. This includes: • Identifying current challenges for the healthcare provider as a whole and specific to an IWPP
• Agreeing to the existing strengths overall but with a focus on existing prevention capabilities
• Understanding what has and has not worked in the past
• Defining a common IWPP vision and values
Defining what capabilities are needed and how to measure a successful IWPP. Capabilities will shape the conceptual design and span such things as: • Technology
• Business processes
• Applications
• People/organization structure
• Information
• Geographic location
Identifying the activities (immediate and future) to create a new IWPP. For example:



Case Study – Healthcare Provider

May 20, 2014

• People - assessing the organization’s culture and behaviours for integrative wellness, prevention and medical care
• Process - redesign business processes to emphasis case management and cross...
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