Geo.Elements of Tourism

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The Geographical Elements of the Tourism System
1. The places of origin of tourists – the tourist-generating areas. Represent the homes of tourists, where journey begin and end. Examine the features that stimulate demand for tourism, include the geographical location of an area; its socioeconomic and demographic characteristic. These areas represent the main tourist markets in the world. Major marketing functions of tourist industry are found here, such as tour operation, and travel retailing.

2. The tourist destinations – the receiving areas.
Places that attract tourist to stay temporarily and will have features and attractions that may not be found in the generating areas. comprise of the accommodation, retailing, and service functions, entertainment, and recreation. most important part of the tourism system, which attract the tourists and energizing the system. recognized as the impacts recipient of the tourism industry, and therefore where the planning and management of tourism is so important.

3. The routes travelled between tourist-generating areas and the receiving areas. Link the tourist-generating area and the tourist destination area. As the key element in the system as their effectiveness and characteristics shape the size and direction of tourist flows It represents the location of the main transportation component of the tourist industry.

Spatial Interaction Between the Components of the Tourist System Tourist flows
tourist flows between regions is the fundamental to the geography of tourism between two areas with the destination area containing a surplus of a commodity (ex. tourist attraction) and the generating area having a deficit, or demand for that commodity. The regular patterns of tourist flows, which do not occur randomly but follow certain rules and are influenced by a variety of push and pull factors.

1. Push factors
Mainly concerned with the stage of economic development in the...
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