Flooding Impact Ledc and Medc

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LEDC: Bangladesh
Between July-September 1998, Bangladesh suffered one of its worse ever floods. Despite flooding being common in this country, the floods of 1998 were particularly severe resulting in over 1000 deaths and 30 million people being made homeless POSITIVE EFFECTS OF FLOODING

It is important to remember that whilst flooding has serious impacts on human life in Bangladesh it is also instrumental in the wellbeing of Bangladesh's economy and the survival of its people. So what are these positive effects of flooding? 1.As well as providing water for crops, when flooding occurs, as there is friction between the water and the surface of the land, the water slows down and loses its energy. This loss of energy results in the deposition of rich fertile soil resulting in the providing important nutrients enabling people to grow crops; 2.This deposition of silt also creates land upon which people can live - for example the Ganges delta has been formed in this way as deposition has occured where the river has entered the Bay of Bengal. EFFECTS OF THE 1998 FLOODS:

Then there are the usually bad effects of natural disasters:

1.Over two thirds of the land area was covered by water and the capital, Dhaka, was 2m underwater. 2.30 million people were made homeless in the floods with many losing all their belongings. 3.1,070 people died - this death toll resulted from a number of things. As well as people being killed by drowning in the flood waters, health problems increased the number of deaths further. Contamination of water by waste and dead bodies / animals, and the lack of a clean water supply resulted in the spread of disease such as cholera and typhoid. Further deaths from snake bites and other injuries which led to death through the lack of access to medical care. 4.Food supplies were severely affected as flooding destroyed the rice stocks with a total of 668,529ha of crops being destroyed; 5.The impact on the economy was signifcant with...
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