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Topics: Poetry, Poetic form, Sonnet Pages: 3 (648 words) Published: February 10, 2014
E.E. Cummings (1923) poem 1(a
normal in terms of contemporary poetics (these days)
Cummings puts line breaks where line breaks don’t belong
Disruptive visual means in terms of breaking up the letters of the poem (a leaf falls) loneliness
the title has a 1 and the first line has an “l” … looks the same, the web of connotation goes beyond the meaning of the words and connects to visual means a (visual pun) in the word loneliness, you have l then one then l (when you’re lonely, you are by yourself and he tried to exaggerate that by using 1 and l) there are 3 one’s in the word loneliness and Cumming’s makes you realize that narrative poetry tells a story

lyric poetry expresses moods, feelings, moments
Donald Hall:
“Yeats said that he finished poem made a sound like the click of the lid on a perfectly made box [[…] The rhymes and line lengths of the sonnet are too gross o contribute greatly to that sense of resolution. The click is our sense of lyric form” “the sonnet is too gross” = denotative level of gross = too much, form may have connotations on its own

by the form, you can discover some of the choices author’s have made for their poem

Form: structure or shape, the way its parts fit together to form a whole Poetic Form: the design of a poem described in terms of rhyme, metre, line length, and stanzaic patter Closed Form: regular patterns, eg. Epics, ballads, villanelle, sestina, Petrarchan sonnet, terza rima, rondelle, haiku (dr seuss) Open Form: irregular patterns, eg. Free verse (vers libre), prose poems (Cummings poem) “Despite what its name suggests, closed form poetry does not have to be confining or conservative.” (760) closed forms give the impression of being old fashioned and dull let us choose how we use the form wisely, and let us not feel restriceted by the form if we must be constrained, and let us use that form in constraint to use and create poetry if its dull, you’re not doing it properly, not grabbing hold of the muse in that...
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