Topics: Censorship, Freedom of speech, First Amendment to the United States Constitution Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: October 18, 2012
Joanlys Bernabel English 11
Ms. Gallo
First Draft of Ch. 2 essay “A First Amendment Junkie” by Susan Jacoby, is an essay based on woman who believes in the first amendment . Jacoby’s claim is that all restrictions on pornography are not acceptable. She also claims that it’s old news, how many women have the problems of having courteous “libertarian”. It’s understandable that the first amendment provides freedom of expression. Meaning that pornography is an act of free expression, but pornography tends to display women as objects which are used for enjoyment and brings issues to society such as “kiddie porn” and child abuse. Pornography’s purpose is to disgrace and complicate women’s reputation and society, therefore, it should be censored.

The mistreatment which brutality and racism provide doesn’t compare with pornography. Pornography is more like a hobby with pleasure and entertainment while brutality and racism are violations of people rights. It’s acknowledgeable that pornography is very offensive to women in society but the injustice which is made in racism and brutality are much worse. People who go through racism and brutality are likely to die with the discrimination and abuse while people in pornography just have their reputations blackened. Also feminist writers tend to create a women’s movement so that women can have more rights and a better reputation in society. Pornography, racism and brutality contain all common caused people who are against these terms and are in favor of more rights and a better circumstance so that others can obtain more power in society. But pornography doesn’t contain violence such as brutality and racism. Therefore, it’s a discourage to say that pornography is worse than Nazism.

Although the...
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