Ecology Study Guide

Topics: Evolution, Allele, Charles Darwin Pages: 2 (273 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Terms to know:
phylogenetic tree inheritance complete dominance
character reciprocal cross incomplete dominance
trait allele codominance
ancestral trait gene pleiotropy
derived trait dominant allele multiple alleles
synapomorphy recessive allele epistasis
homologous character genotype polygenic inheritance
analogous character phenotype phenotypic plasticity
convergent evolution homozygous norm of reaction
adaptation heterozygous X-inactivation
natural selection mutant crossing over
mass extinction wild type linked genes, sex-linked
background extinction chromosome recombinant chromosomes

Know the contribution made by these scientists:
Carolus Linnaeus Stanley Miller Luis & Walter Alvarez
William of Ockham Charles Darwin Alfred Wallace
Georges Cuvier Charles Lyell James Hutton
Aristotle Lamarck Arthur Holmes
Gregor Mendel Thomas Morgan Sutton & Boveri
If I gave you a list of these scientists and a list of their accomplishments/contributions to science, you should be able to match them.

Possible Short Answer or Short Essay Questions:

Explain how Darwin & Wallace’s Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection.

Assignment # 3: Summarize the Reznick et al. 1990 article in 100 words or less.
Reznick DA, Bryga H, Endler JA. 1990. Experimentally induced life-history evolution in a natural population. Nature 346: 357-359.

SUMMARY. Reznick et al. show that size-selective predation by predators dinfluences the evolution of life history characters in guppies (Poecilia reticulata). Observation revealed that guppies in cichlid (Crenicichla alta) pools mature sooner and at a smaller body size than did guppies in killifish (Rivulus hartii) pools; cichlids eat larger guppies and killifish eat smaller guppies. Guppies were transplanted from cichlid pools to killifish pools, and the transplant (experimental) and control populations were tracked for 11 years. The authors found that guppies transferred to...
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