Dr Martin Luther king: I have a dream

Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, United States Constitution, American Civil War Pages: 3 (1123 words) Published: February 26, 2014
Communication: Dr Martin Luther King speech

Write about your reaction to any speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Give the name of the speech and the occasion/date the speech was made. Dr. King delivered many speeches delivered all over the world. Research a speech and tell why you feel the speech made an impact. Be familiar with the speech (and quotes) to participate in a class discussion about the legacy of Dr. King. The assignment must be 2-3 pages.

I read and listened Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s speech named “I have a dream”. Dr King wrote this speech for the March on Washington in August 28, 1963. At the same time it was the one hundred anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation issued by Abraham Lincoln, and the speech took place on the steps of his memorial in Washington DC. The March on Washington for job and freedom was part of the civil rights movement that rose across United States in 1950’s and 60’s. America was segregated at that time. The civil rights movement wanted civil equalities and an end to social discrimination that endured African-American. In the speech, “I have a dream”, Dr King supported his rhetoric with civil rights facts and social reality of that time. The hundredth anniversary of the “Emancipation Proclamation” set a stage for a powerful impact in the story of the civil rights movement, and it became a worldwide symbol against discrimination.

The Emancipation Proclamation leads to the end of slavery across United States. It sets up the African American to Freedom. Dr King uses the reference to demonstrate the rightfulness of African Americans’ freedom. In the same way, the title of the Constitution of United States is “We the People”. Dr King refers to the constitution to enclose the rightfulness of the African American as a part of the country. He shows the rights of African American to be treated equality as any citizens. The constitution is the supreme law of the land and it protects the basic right of...
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