Distinction Between Nation and State

Topics: World War II, Country classifications, Third World Pages: 30 (6855 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Class #2- January 28, 2013
* Distinction between Nation & States
* Nation Is more of a cultural thing
* States is more of a political thing
* Some nations can exist but not be part of a given state * Idea came from a British liberal named Jeremy Bentham * Worried more in this class about the different Nation-States * Use this term for what is normally referred to as “Countries” * Countries= varied interactions

* Cooperation & Conflict
* Sheer complexity of what we study in this class
* What countries do
* What other actors do
* About the environment- non living things & plants * ALL A PART OF WORLD POLITICS
* Varied Interactions
* Either Cooperating or conflicting
* Or doing both at the same time without knowing that you’re doing it * Change in continuity
Class #2
* Current Events
* Syria
* Syrian war isn’t getting any better
* Leader still has his hold on power; still murdering his own people * Don’t know whether Russia will help support the effort to force Assad out of power * France-Mali
* French have been able to advance
* Destabilizing a weak Gov. that exist in Mali
* Algeria
* Over 38 hostages killed including British, American, Japanese * Islam is rising on the world scene
* North Korean threat
* Seem to be arguing that they might resume nuclear tests; don’t want south Korea to take part in any sanctions * Increased sanctions
* United States & European Union
* Trade a lot more than any other country
* Since the EU was created, we have lost trade
* EU trading more with themselves
* Great Britain threatens to leave E.U.
* Not happy
* Going to vote to decide I they want to stay or leave * Only going to happen If Mr. Cameron wins reelection * 2015-2017
* Not a member o Europe; Still use pound
* Most of the EU thinks British involvement is weakening cohesion * Somaliland (part of Somalia) threatens to expel the British * Davos
* World Economics Forum
* International forum where leaders come together to discuss issues concerning the global economy * In Switzerland; Meet in January; 100 foreign leaders * John McCain and Suzan Rice went for USA

* SHOWS US THAT: Nation-Sates alone do not control world events * Hottest ticket in town; if you aren’t invited you don’t count * World Social Forum
* Think Capitalism hurting ordinary people in the third world * Main argument is that we should ignore profit and center more on human satisfaction * Capitalism might be the reason for the problems in the world

* Take home exam
* Question #1: 30 points
* Trying to convince someone that they are making a mistake; you should be in Poli2057 instead of being home on Monday. * It affects their everything life
* People think that what happens in other countries doesn’t affect their everyday life but it does * Gas prices
* Price of food
* Jobs
* War
* The environment
* The international organizations; NGO’s
* Cant argue that we are going to do ok when we need other countries * SHOULD PUT
* We are US; greatest country in the world; survive because of international relations * So critical that Americans study the world because of our major influence on the world scene * Sovereignty is thing of the past> globalization is the future * Cant escape it

* Strongest, but becoming weaker by the day
* Division within our own society about what is...
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