Differences Between Groups and Teams

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Question: Explain the difference between Groups and Teams.

What Is a Group?
A group is three or more people who recognize themselves as a distinct unit or department, but who actually work independently to reach the main goal together. For example, a subway needs a team; one person slices the bread open and puts your meat on it the next asks if you want cheese, toasted or not. Then the last one asks what condiments and veggies you would like on tour sandwich. Groups can tend to be permanent fixtures with ongoing goals or responsibilities. What Is a Team?

A team comprises three or more people who may come from different departments within a business, but they collaborate together over time to achieve some set purpose, goal or project. For instance, before a small business creates a new product, it may organize a team composed of people from all departments – engineering, finance, legal, marketing, etc. – to consider all aspects of the potential new product to avoid costly surprises down the road. With a team, individuals recognize the expertise and talents of others needed to achieve the team’s goal. Additionally, teams are often formed for temporary assignments with one specific goal, focus or outcome in mind. Why Form Groups?

Managers recognized many years ago that two heads are better than one, thus small businesses have turned to groups or departments for many reasons. With group work, members have a shared knowledge of the group’s objectives, but specific tasks or responsibilities are assigned to different individuals. By separating work into groups – such as one devoted to marketing, one devoted to accounting, etc. – individuals within those groups are able to maximize their expertise on a long-term basis. Why Form Teams?

Businesses form teams usually to tackle a specific – and usually temporary – goal or project with the intent of leveraging the collective expertise of a variety of people. Because experts from various departments are involved, teams...
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