Development of Democracy Dbq

Topics: Black people, Abolitionism, William Lloyd Garrison Pages: 3 (1076 words) Published: November 15, 2012
AP U.S. History

8, November 2012
Development of Democracy DBQ
The emergence of democracy would change the United States forever. Our country today wouldn’t be what it is today without democracy in place. During the 1820s-1850s democracy truly started to appear in the nation. With ideas of every man should be equal and the uprising of the abolition movements. Women didn’t keep their thoughts out of it either. In 1828 President Jackson was elected and with this he brought the idea of everyman should be equal. He also believed in that whatever he wanted, he would get and take it by any means. Also during this time abolitionist started voicing their ideas about how there should be no slavery and that all slaves are on an equal level as the white man. Woman also felt this was the perfect time to voice their opinion as well. Not all women but some felt like they were being pushed to the side and not even looked at for any decision. The women started protests and took legal action on this and fought for their right to be acknowledged in the social and political society. All these events helped develop democracy. During the early 1820s Andrew Jackson was making a push to become president of the United States. People loved him because of his background. He was from a simple beginning, working his way up through the military and eventually becoming a politician. When he ran in 1824 election, he lost because Henry Clay and john Quincy Adams teamed up and helped Adams become president. This became known as the corrupt bargain. In 1828 Jackson ran again and won the Presidential election. Once in office he saw that the regulations for the ability to vote were too much for some people, so Jackson went ahead and took away the provision of needing to own land to vote. After he did this he saw a drastic increase in voting especially with the poorer people. This is one of the reasons why people loved him and also how democracy was further developed. The people now had a...
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