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Directed Study Course Requirements

In Directed Study courses, the format of the classroom and many of the course requirements remain the same as in group study courses; however, there are some differences of which you will need to be aware (please review the information below carefully).

The unique requirements for faculty in Directed Study courses are as follows:

Faculty Participation
There is no faculty participation requirement in Directed Studies. Faculty do, however, need to post at least one message per scheduled course week to satisfy attendance requirements.

Faculty Availability
Faculty are required to answer student questions within 24 hours of receipt (whether the question is via phone, email, or message in the classroom).

Since the availability of faculty at the University of Phoenix is a key factor related to student success, the importance of faculty being available to answer questions is of the utmost importance. Faculty are required to be available five days each course week to watch for, and promptly respond to, a student's questions in a Directed Study course.

Faculty Requirements
Faculty must use the electronic gradebook to provide qualitative feedback and quantitative earned grade point information for each assignment.

Assignment feedback and grade reports in online classes are considered timely when provided to the student no later than six days after a student submits his or her assignment or within six days of the original assignment deadline, whichever date occurs later. Feedback and grades on assignments submitted during the last class week, however, are considered timely when provided to the student no later than seven days after the date scheduled as the last day for the class.

Course Materials Requirements
Faculty facilitating in OLS must post the syllabus no later than the course start date. Faculty facilitating in the New Classroom must publish the customized syllabus by 3:00 pm Arizona time the day...
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