Course Syllabi- History of Graphic Design

Topics: Graphic design, Design, Communication design Pages: 15 (2614 words) Published: October 6, 2013
Course Title: History of Graphic Design
Course Number: AH315
Department: Liberal Arts
Term: FALL 2013
Room Number and Time: 125 / Fridays 3:15-6:00pm
Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisites: LA 1210122, LA 125-126, and AH 210211 or consent of instructor

Instructor Name: Paul Mazzucca
Instructor Contact Info:
Instructor Office Hours: TBD


History of Graphic Design is a critical contextual research and survey study of the intents, influences, practices, and artifacts of graphic design. The course will be structured on readings, research, and visual presentations on subjects of designer activities throughout history with an emphasis on the broader historical context of the planning, production, form, distribution, reception and cultural integration of graphic design


The Student Handbook is now available digitally rather than in hard copy. It can be found on the PNCA website (under Student Life) and on Homeroom (Home page, under PNCA Essentials).


PNCA is in compliance with federal law requiring colleges to provide reasonable accommodations for students with documented physical and/or learning disabilities. If you have a disability that might affect your performance in this class, please make it known to the instructor.


At the conclusion of this course, the student should be able to : -­‐ Demonstrate and articulate in discussions, writings, and visual presentations an understanding of the historical context of the creation of a work of graphic design (i.e. - time, place, culture, intents)


Synthesize readings and lectures and be able to formulate and post discussion points and prepare visual examples for peer review and feedback (as comments) using online tools


Utilize, and bibliographically document, a range of resources used for the study of the history of graphic design (books, journals, periodicals, online, interviews)


Creative Practice

Identify the roles, activities, and trades of communication design professionals throughout history and distinguish specific fields related to and integrated with the profession of graphic design


Learning Outcomes are
linked to PNCA’s Core
Values which are:

Identify and articulate the influence of fine art (theories, trends, aesthetics, visual styles) on the work of graphic designers

Integrated Knowledge,
Critical Thinking, & Cultural
Social and Ethical





initiate, and participate in, discussion on the planning, process, production and distribution of works of graphic design




formulate a connection of the cultural influences on design from history with practices of contemporary graphic designers through examples, writings, and discussions

Assignments for this Class:

Required Readings and discussion with evidence of comprehension Weekly Subject Research and On-line Posting to Homeroom
Weekly In-Class presentations
Final Research Paper

Topics for weekly research will include:
Design during Cultural Upheavals / World Conflicts
Design for Social Causes / Design for Social Good
Design for Commerce, Consumption, Commercialism
Information Design / Dissemination and Distribution of Information Technological Changes and its Influence on Graphic Design
Design as Author, Designer as Artist, Whole Designer
The Concept of Brand and the Development of Brand Identity
Low Design / Bad Design
Major Benchmarks in Typography
Reactionary Design / Culture Jamming

Expectations/Policies for this course:
Students are required to read and to be ready to articulate a response to all readings assigned in class. Each week there will be an assigned subject research topic that will require independent sourcing, image documentation, writing, and on-line posting on the ‘Homeroom’ site...
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