Computer Application

Topics: Internet, Computer, Education Pages: 5 (1696 words) Published: January 6, 2013

1. How has the computer impacted the industry?

Computer is an electronic device that complex and has many advantages. It is suitable to be used as tools to assist teachers in teaching and learning as it is capable of receiving and processing data. Computers also help instructors achieve effective teaching and learning if used systematically.The lessons included with the latest teaching aids will increase the students' interest to learn something for education. In addition, if the computer can be used to systematically and effectively by teachers, it is able to solve any problems in the teaching and learning. This is consistent with the view Heinich (1996) which states that the computer can enrich teaching techniques. According to Merrill (1986), the computer is a machine that processes information should be given instructions by the user.This command can be delivered through input devices such as keyboards, scanners, card, joystick, mouse, graphics pad and central processing unit (CPU). Heinich (1996) state capable computer monitor and manage a lot of teaching materials. Computer capability allows users to interact with instructors apply their lessons more simple and attractive.Bitter (1989) stipulates that the computer can work faster and operate 24 hours without stopping and releasing the information accurately. Computer use is entirely related to information and communication technology that is now applied in the education system.This is because the computer is used as a database to provide the information sought or demanded by the public. The implementation of the Smart School concept, one of the prime examples of applications in the Multimedia Super Corridor is a continuous government efforts to develop a new generation of competitiveness in the era of information and communication technologies.A very significant development in the world today is happening boom. With the growth in telecommunications, computers connected to the internet has enabled a lot of information quickly available. Innovation in information technology can disseminate the information to all levels of society (Nik Aziz, 1996).Recognising this, the government has taken the initiative to further develop information and communication technology by establishing the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC).

2. How might the industry be different in the future because of computers?

Seven main application in the MSC consists of e-government, telemedicine, smart school, smart cards, borderless marketing, research and development cluster and enterprise networks worldwide.All seven of these applications to create high capacity global telecommunications leading Malaysia towards developed and prosperous country (MDC, 2000). Consistent with ICT, the government has set up smart schools have demonstrated seriousness Ministry of Education to transform education so that people century Malaysia -21 is not only the information technology even able to realize Vision 2020. This transformation has changed the shift paradikma instructors and students in teaching and learning in the educational focus on increasing student interest, enhancing creativity and knowledge through the use of multimedia and network technology worldwide. The Ministry of Education Malaysia sees ICT as a tool to revolutionize learning, enrich the curriculum, develop pedagogy, school organization structure more effectively, produce a stronger relationship between the schools and the community, and enhance the ability of students. The concept of ICT in education in the eyes of the MOE include three main policies: i. ICT for all students, meaning that ICT is used as something that could reduce the digital divide between the schools. ii. Function and the role of ICT in education is as a tool for teaching and learning, as part of the subject, and as a subject of its own. iii. Using ICT to enhance...
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