Clorox Case Study

Topics: Target market, Economics terminology, Marketing Pages: 3 (745 words) Published: February 5, 2014
Clorox’s top management must decide whether or not to continue investing so heavily in sustainability. This decision applies not only to Clorox, but it’s Green Works, Burt’s Bees, and Brita brands.

The Centennial Strategy’s goal is to achieve and sustain double-digit annual growth amongst it’s brands. Delight is designed to keep consumers coming back to Clorox brands. Clorox wants to continue to be innovative in order to win consumer’s loyalty and their repeat purchases. Decide is based on strategies that are meant to win the consumer inside the store at the shelf. Desire is designed to increase consumer awareness and teach consumers how the Clorox brands will meet their needs.

Britta must decided whether or not to continue with current consumer trends or “double down and invest”. Although Britta is currently the leader in the pour-through water filtration market, there is still a huge amount of untapped business. Britta is in a great position because they’re a market leader in the pour-through filtration market and there is still huge potential for product and market expansion.

Burt’s Bees must decide on which target market to focus on. Currently they target the “committed naturalists” and “health and beauty sleuths”, who make up approximately 8-10% of the market. Ten years prior, these target markets only made up approximately 5% of the market. Burt’s Bees must decide whether or not to target more markets, or stick with their current growing market. One reason that Burt’s Bees is not doing as well as they could is due to the recent global economic recession. It is a smaller premium, natural brand, so price-conscious consumers often chose more cost-effective alternatives.

Green Works must decide whether or not to continue investing and developing their line, or to work to penetrate more households. They do a fantastic job of retaining customers, but not enough new...
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