Topics: Sociology, C. Wright Mills, The Sociological Imagination Pages: 2 (683 words) Published: October 30, 2014

APSS112 Introduction to Sociology
Guidelines of Individual Paper

TOPIC – “Sociological Imagination of Your Life Experience” Reflect upon your life experience, write a reflection paper to consider: What social forces/ historical event have impacted your life? With restriction on the length of your paper, it is not necessary to write a review from every part of your whole life. But instead, you can take up some of important part(s) of your life as reflection. Since it is a reflective essay, it is not necessary to review or discuss the concept per se. Instead, you should show your understanding and knowledge on the concept by APPLYING it to your life directly. Format

The length paper is from minimum 500 to maximum 800 words (bibliography, appendix and foot/end-note if any, are not counted). Use 1.5 spacing and times roman 12 fonts. Mark clearly your name and student ID number on the paper cover. Please note that plagiarism in any form is a very serious offence and could be subject to disciplinary actions, including being expelled from the University. For details, please refer to the academic regulations of the University. If you like to use others’ materials, ideas and data to support your argument, remember to address the sources by using proper and consistent way of referencing and citation (APA/ Harvard style recommended), meanwhile lecture PowerPoint and resources come from Wikipedia are not accepted as formal academic sources. Submission & Penalty

The paper shares 40% of the total mark of this course. You should submit the individual paper to your lecturer with HARDCOPY during the Final Quiz on 2 Dec 2013. Penalty will be incurred for late submissions on course assignments. Late submission for each additional day after the deadline—10 marks of the total marks for the course will be deducted for each day; and so forth. Explore the Concept before Start

The benchmark of a competent sociology student is not how familiar he is with sociological...
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